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Activitiy Stream / Problems with Sidebars

  • strudi1986



    Im working for 2 days now to solve my problem, but i dont know how anymore. My Problem is, that i dont know how to activate the Stream Sidebars. On my live page, i cant show the sidebars on the activity site, if i open the activity stream site what is linked in the buddypress options, the sidebars are visible, but there is still my old webdesign and there is missing all of the extensions from the youzify plugin. that are 2 different versions of activity, why? on live page there is a completley different activity page.

    I am using the Hueman Pro Theme, but i tried also some other themes too. still the same problem.

    for some reason i cant customize or link the working activity stream with youzify and the live page. And i also dont have the wall sidebar widget?!

    Here are 2 images with working and non working stream and sidebars.

    Working Stream with Sidebars, but ol webdesign

    Livepage with no working sidebars and activity stream

    Hope anyone can help?! Im pretty bored at the moment. 🙂

    Sorry for my bad english and thank you 🙂

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