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Activity: Custom Links for Custom Post Type Entries

  • Hi guys – I need to tweak the activity function that outputs activity entries to the activity stream so that when someone posts a comment to a post from my custom post type (notes), it actually uses a link OTHER than the permalink. For context, I created a plug-in that adds Notes functionality to member profiles. Members can write notes and I forced all notes to display within member pages, not through single.php. All is good there – even the activity entry for new notes has the right link (i.e. /members/username/notes/view/123/) but if a comment is posted, the activity entry is showing the natural permalink for the post (i.e.

    Anyone sneaky enough to know how to override the default behavior to get my custom post type comment activity pointing to the right links?

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  • Archie Webmaker


    bp.blogs.php line 415
    //if ( ‘post’ != $post->post_type )
    // return false;
    That does the job.
    Can someone show a new function to override the above from functions.php

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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