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Activity Feed improvement – Forums?

  • Beck B


    I’m having a lot of trouble, because I want to follow topics I’ve commented on but am not sure where to find them again. Either I’m missing a way to do this that should be more obvious, or there isn’t a good place compiling this kind of activity yet. i.e., I want a feed that doesn’t show EVERYTHING in groups I’m in, and that doesn’t just show my activity or where I was @mentioned. I’d like to follow (or have the option to easily follow) specifically forum topics that I’ve participated in….makes sense, right?

    (For that matter, I’d also like to be able to “follow” a thread without commenting, and to be able to “favorite” a thread post without tracking it down in the activity stream.)

    Did I hear correctly that an eventual iteration of BP won’t automatically use bbforums?

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