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Activity filters

  • pengume


    Hey i was wondering I found this webpage “” on editing the activity stream loop with some information on filtering the main activity wall but I am really still confused because It doesn’t seem like all the available options are listed here. For example right under it it says if ( bp_has_activities( ‘type=status’) ) :

    Well ‘type=status’ is no where listed on this page nor does it really explain . So my question is what and where can I find all the available options for filtering. I am setting up some custom options for my site and I would love some help. I am familiar with php so if there is a file i can look at then I would love to know about it too.

    Please Advise,

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  • pengume



    Is it something I am saying or doing /not doing that makes it so no one wants to respond to any of my questions? If so even a response to this question would be appreciated.

    activity types are fluid – so any plugin may add their own besides bp-core. besides querying the activity table for distinct types; the global $bp->activity->actions stores the action/type for each component registered in bp-core. (note, another plugin may not use this method and create an activity type on their own)



    Oh okay,

    So looking through the table in the database under activity I see the type, Can i use these types to filter like activity_update or activity_liked? Also that may be exactly what I am looking for having your own type. and then filtering off of that. Thanks.



    Yup, you can write your own loop if you need. On that docs page it gives you an example

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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