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Activity page not showing for some members when signed in

  • gbbgadmin


    OK. I have a VERY strange issue. I have been searching all over Google, BuddyPress support, and digging through the code and database on our site trying to find a solution. Here is the problem

    Out of 185,000+ members on our site, 2 of them have a blank page appear when you try to view their “Activity” page.

    Example: when you are NOT signed into our site, you can see this page and the contents of it:

    When you are signed into our site, the page is blank. It ONLY affects 2 members out of 185,000+ members. We cannot find anything in their profile data, user_meta, users table, or anything that would be causing it. Both of their profile visibilities are set to “public” on everything. We thought maybe it was their usernames (DL12812 and 4everwealth) but that did not test out. We had them change usernames to test it.

    Their profile pages show. They can see forums, post in forums, join groups, and do EVERYTHING except see their own Activity page. And, other members cannot view their activity page.

    Any thoughts?

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