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Activity post exerpt with a ”read more” link in activity stream?

  • Gene53


    Much to my surprise, long activity stream posts are not truncated after a predetermined amount of words thus showing an excerpt with a “read more” link, is this an omission by the development team?

    If so, is there a workaround (patch or plugin) that would accomplish this?


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  • Ben


    I’d really like to see an answer to this too. I’m trying to put togther a site where updates coule be quite long (reviews etc) and it would be great to just show the first 100 words or so then have a read more link.

    Any thoughts out there?

    rich! @ etiviti


    i vaguely remember a BP jquery plugin for an older version of BP that did this but was unable to find it.

    a plugin could be created – the entire content is pulled and the filter bp_get_activity_content_body is available. (though not all activity updates have a permalink – just members, and uses the same templatetags)



    What an oversight though, I entered a “Lorem Ipsum” Activity post of over 600 words and believe me, the post was one heck of a long one.

    Should a ticket be issued for this? IMO, this should be core…

    Then again, if a plugin could be created, end of problem.

    Roger Coathup




    Oops, I didn’t explain things properly.

    What I’m looking for is a way to truncate Activity Wall posts with an excerpt and a read more link. Not a forum post shown on the Activity page…



    Did anyone ever come up with a solution for this? Was a plugin created or anything?

    Just to be clear, I’d like the profile updates posted by members in the “What’s new, soandso?” text area to be truncated when shown in the sitewide activity stream.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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