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Activity privacy issues when posting directly under the friend profile – help!

  • Hi

    have a big issue with the activity loop …

    Say I have a friendZ. He makes friends with friendX and decides to write a “Thank you note” to the new guy.

    When friendZ decides to post smth like that “thank you for your friendship” note under friend’sX profile directly, my timeline is literally spammed by such messages which are fully irrelevant to me and anybody else other than the 2 (freindZ and his new friendX)

    How can I do to filter out from my general activity loop “root/activity” all those posts which where posted directly under “root/members/friendX/” ?!?!

    FriendX is not even my friend, only friendZ’s new friend – I have the “pleasure” to read the crap just because friendZ is on my friend’s list.

    It clutters the activity screen to an unbearable level, no fun at all

    Whatever is posted by friendZ under “root/members/friendX/” should be seen by friendX ONLY.

    How can I achieve that?

    I have the older buddypress, before the major 1.5 update.


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  • Anyone ?!??!?!? @djpaul !??!

    (the lack of reaction suddenly reminded me of the non-existent support of buddypress … )

    But hope dies last .. so here some more to my question:

    How can i make this text only “friend X posted smth on FreindY’s wall” to appear in the general timeline (under root/activity) when a friend is posting smth. on one of his friends wall (root/members/friendY)
    and not showing the content of the post or the avatar of the poster ?!?!

    Just a line of text, like in facebook ….

    Thank you

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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