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Activity problem

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    i will try to keep it simple
    i wrote a post and keep it in draft, then when i publish it everything is ok but when i look in activity i get this

    as you see there are link on photo and link on text. It sounds weird to me then i check database and get activity strings written bad.

    <a href=""><img src="" width="100" height="100" alt="Thumbnail" class="align-left thumbnail" /></a><a href="">
    Mendenhall ледене пећине
    <strong>Mendenhall Глечер</strong> је око 12 миља (19 км) дугачак и <strong>налази се у долини Mendenhall</strong>, око 12 миља (19 км) од центра Juneau у југоисточном делу америчке <strong>савезне државе Аљаске</strong>. Првобитно [&hellip;]</a>

    as we can see there is post linked on activity photo and that is ok but text is linked to photo as it not should be.
    I m using latest wordpress with buddypress and bp-default child theme. Any suggestion how i can fix that?
    Do i need to put plugin names which i use?
    Thanks 🙂

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    Wordpress installed in root directory (Linux server)
    Upgraded from 3.8
    I havent notice when this is started but i think maybe one or two versions before becouse im trying to keep it updated.
    Version of buddypress is latest.
    I use child theme ob bp-default (list of files:style.css,function.php,header.php,page.php and single.php nothing else)
    I have some custom functions two functions can affect maybe. One is for removing query string=version and second is for registering script

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