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Activity Stream Broken – going from 1.1 Beta to 1.03

  • Anonymous

    I have been developing a site using version 1.03… the site and theme is nearly complete, but I decided to see if upgrading to 1.1 Beta would give me any extra functionality. It ended up breaking too may things, so I deleted the 1.1 files and re-uploaded my old BuddyPress plugin folder.

    I thought putting the old files back might put things back to normal, but now the activity stream shows the “no activity” message, and no longer updates when there is new activity. As well the “friends activity” shows the “no activity” message as well (even when there is).

    What gives? If worse comes to worse, I’ll delete the database and start over… but I’d really rather not. What causes this, and is there a fix?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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