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Activity stream BUG – not stripping caption shortcodes again – Can you replicate?

  • rossagrant


    Hi guys,

    Had this issue a few version back and it got patched. Now broke again:

    Just created a ticket on Trac after testing it and replicating on a new install.

    The original ticket and patch was here:

    Same kind of issue with caption and shortcode being fed into the activity stream excerpt.

    To replicate is simple:
    -Open a new post
    -Place a picture with a caption BUT NO LINK into the post
    -You will see the caption and the closing caption shortcode in the stream item

    Tested on 2 installs and a brand new install of 1.6.1 with no plugins at all running.

    Could someone try to verify this and I would be SO grateful for a patch to sort this as I want to launch a new site this weekend!

    thanks in advance!, really appreciate it! :)

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  • rossagrant


    Sorry to bump this guys!

    Just looking for a patch by the weekend if poss!

    Paul Gibbs


    It’s very unlikely anyone in the core team has time to jump on this ticket, this weekend. There are many hundreds/thousands of open tickets, and this doesn’t seem to be critical. One thing that would help the ticket if you could verify what happens when you do this in BP 1.5.7.



    No worries Paul, just thought it might be a tweak to the last patch. I don’t mind sending over some beer money to anyone that has a few minutes to take a look.

    I can try and replicate this in BP 1.5.7

    Just for the record, are you seeing it in 1.6.1?

    Will report back if I can get an install of 1.5.7 up somewhere.



    @djpaul hey Paul, tested on a clean install of BP 1.5.7 and the problem ISN’T there. Captions work perfectly in the stream.

    Will update ticket.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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