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Activity Stream feed missing after upgrade

  • Ok, I’m the first to admit that I did not do my research before upgrading to the new version of bbpress. I’m fairly knowledgeable and I’m stuck. After upgrading, my front page does not show my activity stream or recent blog posts, no matter which selection I use. Under, “Settings -> Reading”, I’ve tried “Front page displays”, “Your latest Posts” as well as “A static Page, Activity”. Where it says, “Associate a WordPress Page with each BuddyPress component directory”, I’ve set Activity Streams to Activity, still nothing. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance,

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  • It should work. Does the activity page work if you set blog posts back to your front page, and then try to visit whichever page you’ve mapped to activity?



    I’ve got the same problem but with members instead. I tried going back to bp default and it makes no difference



    Try reuploading your buddypress plugin – I did and now it’s all fixed :)

    thanks to both of you for the replies. i tried re-uploading the buddy press plugin, but no luck. Paul, I’ve set it to my latest blog posts, but still the same result. the front page is blank. at this point, I’m uncertain how to proceed. is there a y to download the older version of Buddy Press? FYI, site is


    Mike Pratt


    OK. I am embarrassed by how long I have been away. Just upgraded my sandbox (no harm) to 1.5, @djpaul and I have the same issue. it’s a redirect thing. cannot get activity to show ever. Actions are recordding fine to the db but nothing. When I set to home, I get a redirect loop timeout. Thoughts?

    I can’t see how setting the front page back to showing blog posts should be broken by 1.5. All this works fine for me on my test installs (admittedly a new install, not an upgrade).

    @tmcneill71 You can grab older versions from

    @mikepratt, Tim: What other plugins are you running. What theme. Multisite – if so, subdomain or subdirectory? Prior to upgrading, what did you have your home page set as, or was it just showing blog posts?

    I had the exact same issue here
    After upgrading to 1.5
    the update crashed my site, and presented a blank page, where I could not log into the admin consule.

    Thank god I used the plugin EZPZ Backup to restore

    However, after restoring, The activity Stream here,, is not working

    Activity is not being displayed and the entire right side is missing widgets and formatting.

    Any ideas’ on how to fix this and resolve it?

    I tried contacting Studiopress but they wanted me to purchase a product that did not Guarantee a resolution


    I found this article that seems to explain the problem, but it did not fix my site. I’m running the WPMU DEV BuddyPress Social theme. Disabled all plug-in’s, did not fix. Prior to upgrading, I had it set the same way, for the front page to show the activity stream, and all my posts appeared there, no problems.

    Buddypress Activity Stream: No Blog Posts Showing

    Unfortunately, the above has nothing to do with fixing it

    Unfortunately, the above has nothing to do with fixing it, and we are still without a resolution :(

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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