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[Resolved] Activity Stream not showing sitewide forums updates

  • miguelcortereal


    I had to leave behind the idea of have group forums. My forums need more than groups forums can offer, which is media files upload for users.

    So as updating to new 1.6.1 also shutted down groups forums and enabled sitewide forums. Everything seems to be running fine except I can’t see any forum updates at activity stream.

    What am I missing here?

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  • It might be a bbPress bug. You should start a discussion on the bbPress forums at, as the bbPress plugin handles all the integration with BuddyPress (rather than the other way around).





    I’m not getting any answer on this at bbpress forums.

    I’ve Already tried to disable all plugins, switch to default theme, reset buddypress and bbpress installation, review all settings, everything looks fine, even members profile have the forums tab with the topics list correct and no updates from forums at activity stream.

    Is it just me or there’s more people with the same problem ?

    I’m using sitewide forums after had disable groups forums



    Again concerning this issue and commenting on @djpaul

    It might be a bbPress bug. You should start a discussion on the bbPress forums at,

    I guess this is a Buddypress issue too. Not saying that its original cause isn’t related with how bbPress handles buddypress integration but the fact is once you install sitewide forums you don’t get sitewide forums activity integration as promised, only groups forum integration.

    You should go deep on this and make sure someone fix it.

    I’ve just made a new install in a new subdomain with no plugins, default theme, only WP, BP and BBP and it just doesn’t update sitewide forums at activity stream.

    Unless my hosting is causing this, there’s an important bug around.



    I’m having the same problem. Everything was working and now the activity stream keep duplicating a post that happen 2 days ago. I deactivated all plugins as well. I dont think its hosting problem.Im assuming its a activity loop php problem.



    I had the same problem with bbPress forum topics and replies not appearing in the activity stream.

    I found a solution on the bbPress support website.

    In the administration area, in Settings > Privacy Settings > Site Visibility, I previously had this set as “Ask search engines not to index this site.”. After I changed this setting to “Allow search engines to index this site.”, the activity stream started working. I read a few people having the same problem, and it was rectified by changing this setting.

    Hi, I found this thread on my travels and it worked a treat, so i thought i’d share. Just stop discouraging search engines under settings>reading, then post a new reply or topic n the forum and it will now show. Don’t ask me why.



    I ran into the same problem. Same solution fixed it, too.

    Thank you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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