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Activity Stream Template on MU Secondary Sites

  • Nahum


    Ok here we go.

    I’ve been tinkering with having a dedicated activity page for some sub-sites on a multisite. At first I really couldn’t get it to work at all on my own when it came to getting the ajax and javascript features working. But finally I decided to try BP Template Pack activated on the specific sites and this pretty much sorted out the ajax/js features. After filtering the bp_ajax_querystring for only the specific primary_id. Everything worked except for

    1. some of the activity meta links that point to the subdomain url which makes links like Favoriting not work.
    2. Comment replying doesn’t work ( i try to post a comment and get a message saying the text field is empty)
    3. Post form *does* work as far as creating the activity item with all the right urls for all the links in the activity item, but the actual posting action doesn’t instantly show the activity in line while posting from these 2ndary activity pages. (i think this has to do with #4)
    4. When filtering by primary_id, there’s no way to also get activity updates to appear

    Other than these, I think its pretty cool to have the activity post form working from inside a secondary site, seeing only secondary site activity and my friends secondary site activity. I really don’t care for having the activity meta or activity commenting so having it work like this is alright with me I just remove them.

    why’d i have to do this? I couldn’t figure out how to filter for specific blog activity on the main activity page…

    Can someone please advise if using Template Pack is the best way? Feels like it might mess something up.

    Seeing now that I got this working, I’m thinking of doing the same for the members-loop to have secondary site member page to show only members with roles on the specific site.

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