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Activity Stream Time is off (posted an update in 5 hours)

  • DigitalJoe


    My BP Activity Stream Time is off (posted an update in 5 hours).
    I checked the server time, and also the WP settings time and they are all set correctly.
    I’m using basic Twenty Seventeen Theme and BuddyPress. No other plugins installed.

    Anyone else have this issue, or know what else it may be?

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  • Boone Gorges


    Some things to check:

    1. Check the timestamps at Dashboard > Activity. Are they off as well?

    2. Are in timezone UTC-5 (US Eastern)? Just so we have a better understanding of what’s going on.

    3. You say the “server time” is “set correctly”. Can you say more about what this means?

    4. Are timestamps for WP content (like posts and comments) correctly displayed?

    5. When you look in the database – wp_bp_activity, the date_recorded column – what do the timestamps look like? Are they UTC or in your local timezone?

    It’s generally recommend to keep PHP in UTC and to allow WP/BP to do the timezone offsets; see for one account. My guess is that your server time is set to local time, so that things are getting double-adjusted. How this can best be fixed depends on whether only activity items are affected, or if it’s all items on the installation.



    Thank you Gorges Boone for your quick response!

    1. Dashboard> Activity and they’re all good. (it seems to be just on the “Activity Wall” under the whats new post update area.)

    2. I’m in Denver so I’m Mountain Time – GMT -07:00 America/Denver

    3. The posts and comments look good and are all correctly displayed.

    4. As for the wp_bp_activity and date_recorded tables – Looks like they’re UTC and not my local. – my server time IS set to local time. GMT -07:00 America/Denver – So what do you think I should change my server System Time to something other then my local time?



    So I maybe have a related issue…
    The WHO’S ONLINE Widget says “There are no users currently online” when there is users online.

    Would this Who’s Online issue be related to the time stamp issue? I have another sub domain/dev environment on the same server that is doing the same thing. Any ideas?



    Correction on number 1) -From the WP back-end Dashboard / Activity the “list view” of all activity time does look good, but when you click on and go into the activity itself, the activity time is off time by 5 hours. They do not match up. It is also still off 5 hours from the front-end from the “wall” view.

    Thanks again for your help on this!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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