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Activity stream usability problem

  • Boris


    It seems that every time a blog post gets edited there’s a new entry in the site wide activity stream. It always says that user x wrote a new blog post: post title. It should only say this when the post gets published. The next time(s), when it gets edited, it should be user x edited blog post: post title. Either that or don’t make an entry in the activity stream at all for edited posts, although I’d prefer the other way.

    It’s a bit confusing for users when they see the same message appear again and again, once you’ve edited your post a few times (which shouldn’t happen, but sometimes it does). Anyway, it’d make for a better user experience.

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  • Henry


    I agree. Anyone know of any hack to delete duplicate streams (besides manually going into phpmyadmin)? On a profile, it can list the same blog entry several times.

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