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Activity Stream visibility and permissions

  • onfleekresources


    I have buddypress installed for an online community.

    This is what I would like it to do:
    1. Users (Subscriber Role) can’t post, but can comment
    2. I would like my posts to appear in the user’s individual activity streams

    This is what it’s doing now:
    1. Users can post but it doesn’t show up on my wp-admin activity page
    2. I post from my activity page and it doesn’t show up in the user’s activity page

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  • vapvarun



    It can be done with some custom code, or you can also checkout follow plugins.

    1- BuddyPress Private Community Pro plugin that adds a couple of features for admin and it allows admin to select based on user role or member type who can post on activity stream and you can also apply same limits on other BuddyPress features.

    2- You can set some specific members as auto friends to all members, and any activity admin members are going to make will be displayed to all member’s activity page



    I think customizing by member type will work. Thank you!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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