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Activity Stream’s Post Comment Button Has a Broken Link

  • Hello, I run the site I’ve been experiencing a problem for a couple weeks now and am in desperate need of a solution.

    When members try to add a comment to recently posted activiy, the post button redirects to a 404 ‘Page Not Found’.

    I’ve tried resetting all permalinks, I’ve checked to see if the theme I was using was the problem, but I recieve the same error when using the bp-default theme. I’ve also tried to deactivate any plugins that might be messing up the link…

    I tried looking up similar problems that may have occured to other people on the net, the closest I came to a solution was this ticket:

    I haven’t altered any of the php associated to the activity stream or comments. I’m not even sure where the problem might be contained. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated – this has been a huge obstacle for members trying to communicate.

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