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Activity Streams

  • thealchemist


    So … my site is going on 4 weeks old with nearly 325 members. And I am getting some flak about the site being too complex. One topic getting a lot of commentary is the Activity Stream. There are FOUR places members can add to the activity stream: from their profile, in the main Activity stream, in a Group Activity stream and in the Forums Activity stream.

    I know that regardless of WHERE i post into the activity stream, all of my updates appear in my activity stream in my profile.

    I know that posting in a Group posts in the Group activity stream UNLESS the member clicks the Forum subhead which then makes it move to the Forum activity stream.

    Now, If I post in a Group the update appears in the Group, in the main activity stream and in my profile activity stream.

    BUT if I REPLY to a post a member made in a Group, it does NOT appear in the Group activity stream but only in the main activity stream and my profile stream.

    I could go on and on … but does anyone have a diagram of how this works so I can explain it better to my users? They complain that they post something and the post/reply gets “lost” their just not understanding the heirarchy of the activity stream.

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