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Activity timestamp error

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    I can’t find a way to search this forum, I tried that search bar at the top and it just took me to the buddypress blog, How do you search????

    so I am starting a new topic.

    Running WP 3.3.1 and BP 1.5.5 the install is running pretty good and been running for awhile at

    We just noticed this because we just scheduled a blog post for the first time I think. The post was created , edited, and scheduled last night at 5pm, but was scheduled to post this morning at 7am, which is what the post edit page says, that it posted at 7am today.

    But on the activity page it says 20 hours ago which would be last night at 5pm.

    Obviously not a tragedy, but could be confusing to a viewer (if we ever get one that is LOL)

    I checked our clock in WP general settings, everything is correct there Greenwich minus 7.

    Anybody seen this behavior before,

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    Paul Gibbs


    Do you know what timezone PHP is set to? Ask your host if you can’t find out.

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    Hugo Ashmore


    It’s not time zones, this was mentioned to me by another dev in passing as one of their clients had run up against this. I think, but not 100% sure, they created a ticket or forum post on the issue. It sounds as though the activity is recorded for a post according to it’s creation, and it’s not aware the post has actually not been ‘published’.

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    Hugo Ashmore


    A quick search through Trac produced this :

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