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activity what shows plugin

  • djsteveb


    Will someone make a plugin that adds an admin settings in the backend where the admin can choose what gets shown in the default activity stream please? I will donate funding for this to some extent if that’s what it takes.

    When accessing the admin settings screen it needs to check for all components that are currently able to post things to the activity stream, and display them. (some people have bp docs as an option, others don’t. some have rtmeida ‘added media or whatever)

    checkboxes or even ctrl+click to highlight the ones you want to show would be good.
    Or maybe we need to select the ones we want to omit?

    whatever is better – we need this.

    I tried the bp parse args a while back and as to where I was able to limit what was displayed – it also removed the other drop down / selectable options – so if people (for who knows what reason) really want to see a stream of who became friends with who – then they could choose to change the display.

    maybe steal some of the backend of the plugin – and rework it so it does some parse args or something?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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