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add activity to the stream?

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    I have vbulletin completely ‘hooked’ to wordpressmu, so one registration/session/cookie etc. Meaning each system is ‘aware’ of each other, basically they are tied together.

    Now since that part is done, wordpress knows that user ‘xyz’ on the wp db, is user ‘xyz’ on the vb database, it’s time to extend it.

    What I would like to do is add ‘new’ posts on vbulletin to the activity stream for buddypress.

    Can I ask what is the process for adding extra data to the stream?

    Are there any ‘hooks’ for the stream, (I’m sure my terminology is all wrong, best guess)


    I am almost done with the complete integration of vbulletin to buddypress/mu.

    Now when a group is created, a corresponding vbulletin ‘forum’ is created just like in bbpress.

    This is why I would like to bring the information into the activity stream and also the group wires.

    I’ve even gone so far as to allow a ‘complete vb forum creation’ when creating a new blog. Users can fully manage ‘their own’ vbulletin forum for their own website blog.

    Anyhow, any advice is appreciated so that I can pass onto the dev staff. (They know vb inside and out, but do not work with wp at all)

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