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Add functionality (plugin) to support gaming communities

  • Rage00001



    First of all I would thank you all for creating the best add on for WP.

    Without your excellent work WPMU would be just so boring and not a true community portal solution..

    Well, I have a small problem though, or not actually a problem, but more a need for one extra function in BuddyPress.

    What I need is just an extra function much like the join/invite group request function.

    I’m currently setting up a portal for gamers, where each clan have their own group.

    What I would love to have included in BuddyPress was a function where each group could challenge other groups for a mach in “whatever” game they have put in their group profile.

    And if their group administrator also could publish the result in a simple historical statistic with just a win, loss and draw type of result.

    This function would not just give a gaming community the opportunity to easy “fight” against each other, but provide the possibility for more fun for everybody else.

    Could it be done?

    Thanks for help…

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