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Add members to groups via codes

  • Hi apologies is this is an easy question, I am a newbie.

    I set up a WordPress site with BuddyPress, I want it to work like a virtual learning system for schools. My trouble is i want each group to represent a subject in school. i.e. Math, History, English etc. I want to be able to add students to the different groups only via a code. So if a student goes to my site they should be able to only join groups if they have a unique code for the group. This would mean that different students could be given 6 codes and that would sign them up for 6 subjects.

    The problem is that i want each code to only be able to be used once. So if Student A puts in ABC123 as a code, he gains access to Math and then Student B cannot use the same pass to get access to the Math Group. Student A could add 5 more codes that would allow access to 5 other specific subject groups.

    I know this sounds hard and I would say it will be but it is for content protection.

    Thanks in advance to any help any one has.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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