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Add new LMS to current BP, not BP to LMS

  • Toni


    I am confused about how any particular LMS and BuddyPress visually integrate. There are several LMS systems. Some LMS systems’ have plugins to integrate BuddyPress – but is the LMS system GUI/site the main landing site and you add BP to it?

    I would like to add an LMS under a BuddyPress site. The main landing site would be BuddyPress, ideally with an option to participate or access the LMS from BuddyPress membership.

    I do have BuddyPress as the main site in a MultiSite install. I have not decided how I will use the network yet, usually as sites with functions like exams, quizzes, activities, doc libraries – my sites, not user-owned sites. For now, there is only a BuddyPress top level site.

    ESL Buddies

    Any input for clarity, etc., is appreciated.

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