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Add searchable custom fields to Activity stream

  • brettbuchanan


    Pardon the detailed post – but I need help.

    I own and operate We’re about to launch a beta version of – a concert media sharing application that pays its contributors and recording artists a fair share of our ad revenue and donates a percentage of our revenue to Unicef and other global children’s charities.

    I’m prepared to pay any developer who can implement the following:

    Need to add searchable custom fields to Activity input.

    Use case would be something like this –

    • User inputs text/comment in Activity post window
    • Below default Activity post window are 3-4 custom input fields; Artist, Concert Date, Venue, Festival (Artist meaning recording artist) that when posted become searchable meta data
    • Each custom input field would be optional
    • Each custom input field would be searchable (I’ve activated BP Searchable Activity plugin – this plugin could either stay or go – for now it renders the Activity stream searchable but is not dynamic – it is very rigid as text/syntax must be exact match)
    • User hits Post Update button after entering text in Activity post window and completing some, all, or no custom input fields below Activity post window
    • All text from Activity update including any meta data from; Artist, Concert Date, Venue, Festival is dynamically searchable upon posting

    We are using the following plugins:

    rtMedia (using free version but upgrading with Kaltura add on and premium version)
    Duda Mobile (still configuring free version will upgrade to premium)
    BP Searchable Activity (but need more robust Activity search capability)

    In a perfect world we also need someone to create a ‘check-in’ capability so that when a concertgoer shows up at a concert the app knows what venue they’re at, who’s playing, and the date – all of which would be called-out from db tables we’ve already populated.

    I can be reached by phone at 808 dash 344 dash 2194 or email at brett at My name is Brett Buchanan.

    We’re also prepared to offer someone an equity position or stock options to become a lead developer (in addition to payment for services). We’ve got a substantial but tentative funding commitment and the confirmed support of various bands and industry sources like Stone Temple Pilots, SoundGarden, AIC, and numerous publicists for other recording artists and record labels.

    Hope to hear from someone soon.

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