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Add shortcodes to or otherwise edit member/user/ page

  • iburnthings


    anonymous link to site for crawlers to ignore:
    WP v4.0
    BP v2.1

    I’d like to add some Appointments+ shortcodes , map, ratings, reviews to each members/user/ page being generated by BP as well as the members listing page.
    I have had limited success by editing page.php in my child theme but this is a little too overarching of a change for my liking.

    I don’t understand php very well at all and I started using WP and plugins so I wouldn’t have to get back into coding. I see in the forums there is a way to edit BP templates by copying the files into my child theme folder before editing them. Is that right? Does anyone have a tutorial or tools I can use to edit these files without understanding php very well? is the plugin i’m using.
    I also have GEO my WP installed. all current versions.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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