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Add the possibility to create a blog for every user

  • How can I let users in my Budypress start their own blog? I have seen Budypress-sites with a “blog” tab – how can I activate this function? Any plugin?

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  • It’s not a plugin If you have the latest WP V 3.0 then you can enable it as Multi Site and let users create blogs. head over to the WP codex for a guide on getting this done.

    oh! many thanks, solved it by enabling MU. thank you!

    maybe I can ask further questions…?

    The problem now is that every blog needs to be as a sub-domain and not as a sub-directory. This seems to mean that when users visits a “subdomain-blog”, the comunnity banner disappears. My question is: do I need to redo the installaion and make subdirectory-blogs to enable them to be within the community? Or is there any whay of having the subdomain-blogs implemented in the community and give each blog a community menu?

    Please have a look at two examples:

    The main blog is “within the community” (as it is installed in the main domain) and users are not “sent away” from the community as the blog has the same location as the community:

    The subdomain-blogs apperas like this: – as you can see the blog is not implemented in to the community like the main-domain-blog is.

    EDIT: Just found this page, where the main community menu is visible on sub-domain-blogs, just like I want it!! Anyone who can advise how to make this happen? Please see what I mean here: (cklick on one of the blogs and you will se how the main community menu still is visible on the sub-domain-blogs!)

    Please advise!!? Any suggestion or link to help, would be highly apprichiated.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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