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Added Post Update textbox in activity loop on Home Page

  • bencahan


    I have a buddyPress ‘recent activity’ listing on my home page, but I want to add a What’s New textbox (with the Post Update button) right there so that users don’t have to go to the dedicated Activity page to post news and updates. I get that the updates will just be general updates as opposed to being posted within a forum or group, but that is fine so that it is easy for members to log in and quickly post an update on their feed stream.

    Is there a plugin that will give me a new shortcode for that which I can add to my home page? What buddypress code would I have to modify to take do it manually? the shortcode currently on my home page for the activity loop is: [template_part slug=”template-bp” name=”activity-loop”]

    I am using buddyPress Version 2.5.3

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