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Adding a “forums” button at the top of the page

  • Lriggle


    This is probably a very dumb question, but I’m not finding a whole lot of documentation.

    I installed the latest RC release of the BBPress forums according to the instructions listed here ( and everything works fine. When I create a group it creates a forum to go with it.

    What I don’t get is why the little “forums” button isn’t showing up on my BuddyPress installation. I can’t find any settings that activate/deactivate the buttons at the top. For an example of what I’m talking about, if you go to any page on this website,, you see the “home” “about” “blog”… etc buttons up at the top of the page, including the “forums” button. That’s what I’m missing.

    Where can I go in BuddyPress to create new buttons up there? Should the forums button pop up automatically when integration is turned on?

    Here are the answers to the 8 basic info questions about my WPMU/BuddyPress installation

    1. WPMU v 2.7.1

    2. Installed in root of domain (

    3. This is a fresh Installation

    4. —

    5. Running latest release of BuddyPress

    6. I have no extra plugins installed

    7. Running standard themes

    8. —

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  • jfcarter



    To add Forums to the navigation menu, here’s a basic workaround:

    Go to header.php and find the section where the rest of the navigation is (it should start with this code:

    <ul id="nav">

    Add the code below (customized for your site) along with the other navigation links:

    <li><a href="URL of FORUM LOCATION" title="Forums">Forums</a></li>

    This code needs to be between the




    tags to work.

    Also, remember that the navigation items are in a specific order, so put the link to the forums where you want them located. In other words, if you want the forums after the Home button, make space and put it there; if you want it after the Members button, make space and put it there. You can tell what each navigation does by the slug (e.g., BP_MEMBERS_SLUG is the Members button).

    Hope this helps.



    That worked great, thanks!



    You’re welcome. Don’t forget to change the status to resolved. Helps everyone to know which questions still need answering. :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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