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Adding a URL to Profile Field Setup

  • Hi,

    I’m setting up my profile fields, and would like to allow members to display their own website url’s.

    When I drop the url into a text box, the link that is generated sends me to the search results for the url within BP.

    Is there a way to redirect the url in a new window to the member’s website.



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  • Not out the box. I have most of the code which would allow this to be done on my Mac at home. It’s one of my code projects part way through development ;)

    right… so no easy job then?

    Any ideas on how it works with the developer profiles on the BP site then?

    thanks for your help.




    I use a plugin by Boone Gorges called Custom Profile Filters:

    Needs some manual configuration in the $social_networking_fields array, but you should be able to do what you need.

    Give that a shot.

    Thanks a lot R-a-y!

    Boones plugin works great.

    I have one issue, which after reading your commentary on Boones post, you seem well qualified to answer ;) ….

    I wasn’t able to get the website URL inside a text field linking to anything but the members search results. I used the following:


    Any ideas?

    thanks again for your help.




    @member11 – rather than enclosing your website URL in brackets (and making your users do the same) you’d be better off specifying the website URL field in the config file as @r-a-y suggests, so that it’s not linked to the search facility:

    Open up the custom-profile-filters-for-buddypress.php file and in the $no_link_fields array (starting on line 14) add in your field, so mine looks like this:

    $no_link_fields = array( // Enter the field ID of any field that you want to appear as plain, non-clickable text. Don’t forget to separate with commas.

    ‘Skype ID ‘ ,

    ‘Phone’ ,

    ‘IM’ ,

    ‘Web Site’


    – where my web site field is called Web Site.

    Also you may want to add in any social networking URLS that your site uses in the $social_networking_fields array that’s below this array. Same principle.


    Thanks for the tip. I’m pretty keen to establish clickable links if possible.

    I tested this in the $social_networking_fields = array

    'Website URL' =>'www.' ,

    It seems to work for me as long as I make the instructions clear in the field description about how to format the url. i.e. with [] and no http:// or www.

    My site is still in dev so i have no stats on user understanding of this.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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