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Adding BP navigation menu to header

  • esavvides


    WP version: 4.6.1
    BP version: 2.7.2

    Hi all. I’m surprised this solution isn’t easy to find as it seems like a lot of people would want to do this, but I guess most themes have it already. I’m trying to integrate BP into a theme that isn’t BP compatible. It works but isn’t styled for it.

    I moved the user navigation menu from the admin bar to the header so I could get rid of the admin bar altogether. Everything works except the Profile menu item isn’t showing the sub-menu. All the links are under Settings so I could just remove the Profile item. I just don’t know where the code is. I believe it’s pulling from ‘bp_nav_menu’ but I don’t know which file to tweak. Could you tell me where to look?

    Also, the main issue is the styling. I can’t seem to find the CSS code to modify the navigation menu. I’ve been messing with it but a few things I can’t seem to find.

    The code I used was from answer #2 on this link. (#1 didn’t seem to work as well.)

    The php code was fine but the CSS code was kind of a mess and needs a lot of padding and alignment adjustments. Mainly, could you tell me two things…

    1. Where do you add the alignment so the menu items are flush left?

    2. Which section is the styling for the individual menu items (Activity/Profile/etc.) in the dropdown? Thought I found it but the code doesn’t seem to be appearing.

    I know we’re supposed to post the link to our site but the menu only shows when you’re logged in and I’m still working on it so I prefer not to post it.

    Also, I’m not a programmer. I can use Firebug and tweak php code and CSS but I’m still learning a lot of the stuff you guys probably know really well. If I sound stupid, well, in a lot of things I am. 🙂

    Thanks for any help.

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  • esavvides


    Not seeing an edit button and just realized the second answer in the stackoverflow link shows “1”. That’s the one I used.

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