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Adding Buddypress to an existing Site

  • mattvis93


    Hi All

    I need some assistance (i am not a WP master I am kinda new to this)

    Is it possible to install buddy press to an existing site (only add it to one page) so that the rest of the site will be untouched but buddy press will literally run from that one page?

    For example, create buddy press into a social platform specifically just for members of the company to get information on jobs that are coming up

    I have been searching for the answer to this and it will be greatly appreciated

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  • autox420


    This is how buddy press works.

    BuddyPress can only be accesed @ these links.

    So your site isnt touched @ all. will remain the same as before installing BuddyPress.



    Yeah, I get that but what I need is that it all stays on one tab of the existing site if that makes sense.

    I need only one tab to be added to the site but yet it must have the full functions of the plugin.



    Hi Guys

    Is there any news on this or does someone know how i can contact buddy press directly to get the information that i need so that i can get this done ASAP

    Thanks in Advance



    > if that makes sense.

    Not really. You can adjust the WP and BP navigation if you have developer skills.

    > does someone know how i can contact buddy press directly

    This is the support forum for BuddyPress.
    It is run by volunteers and there is no guarantee that all questions will be answered to the satisfaction of the poster.
    You could also try asking your question on stackoverflow or the WP forums.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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