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Adding fields to group creation page

  • alfredojp


    I actually have two questions:
    1. How would i add more fields to the group creation page…i tried editing the PHP and got lost. I really don’ t know buddypress that well and my PHP/Mysql skills are basic. I tried editing it and the button the continue to the next step just disappeared. I also already have that plug in that allows you to add fields as a group administrator but what i want is to make certain fields standard for all groups.

    2.I have an excel file and with about 700 capoeira groups. How can I put make that available in my buddypress site.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated. When i tried to edit the PHP/Mysql my button to continue to the next step just disappeared..i’m using the BuddyBoss theme and my site is

    Thank you all ahead of time

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