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adding group fields

  • I am using the bp groups feature to help me categorize specific companies. The standard information the bp includes when creating a group is name and description. I would like to add more fields to the creation of the groups such as phone number, address, and other various information.

    Ive searched around the past couple of days and found a couple of plugins that let you create new fields however it does not make the fields standard. meaning I will have to create a group first than add new fields.I will have to do this over and over. I would like to add php coding so that when creating a group the fields will already be there.

    Can anyone point me to the php files that have the coding for creating groups? And what kind of query should I use to add new fields?


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    I have the same needs , to add new fields to the groups, @slaffik has developed Groups Extras which gives you new fields but problem is that you have to create the form for every single group again and again , so you will spend a lot of time with creating the form where you can add unlimited fields (this is nice) , I asked him to create only one or more forms in admin dashboard and to add this form to groups creation single page (group description page) , he has said that he will release new version with BP 1.3 . In the meantime when the upgraded plugin will be released I would welcome to add some new fields to the group creation below Title and Description as you have suggested.

    @4ella is right. After BuddyPress 1.3 will be released, I will update my BP Groups Extras.

    So one option would be to use the group extras and when the upgrade is available I will be able to save fields to all my groups? I was thinking about creating my own fields in mysql and then going into the php coding and manually add more fields. What do you guys think about that procedure?

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    I have the same wish , use more 2-3 fields below TITLE and DESCRIPTION and wait until new Group Extras will be released , and use that as the main Group Description page (in wordpress dashboard ADMIN – setup the kind of form , in buddypress admin fill out the form which sends the data to description page to show up another 20-30 fields about every single group.
    I’ve seen somewhere here on this forum the code which you can add to the function.php which adds one extra field (text field) to the that group in the first step of group creation below description , it showed up in Groups Description below description field , I have installed as a plugin but it didn’t show up in any place (groups directory-groups page), so I didn’t know how to display that and I have uninstalled it . I don’t remember where you can find it , try to search for that here ” groups extra field, add field groups, etc.

    thanks for the replys I think it’ll be best to wait for the group extras upgrade. Do you know when it should be available?

    Hey guys, im just posting this +1 so i can find this thread again.
    I’m willing to donate a few dollars to @SlaFFik if he updates his plugin
    : )

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    Try using this

    You have to edit the code your self to add fields. i’m going to develop it so it matched the profile fields editor that comes in default BP.

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    @4ella, I believe this is post to which you are referring (near the bottom of the page):

    It’s from modemlooper. And it’s a follow-on to modemlooper/jorges plugin. One has to go into the php file to add/modify fields but it solves the need. Plus, whatever html tags have been placed in the php file to organize the fields, one can just add IDs/Classes and style them in your child theme’s style.css. No need for inline styling.

    With that being said, @slaffik will your update allow for Group types and/or categories? For example, for a specific group type, the admin could create/apply a form containing fields specific to that Group type. With the application of categories/sub-categories, the user would be able to filter across an exhaustive list of Groups. I am looking forward to trying your updated plugin.

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    @qrahaman yes , group fields are already working for us on that link and I got from @brajesh even better solution for group custom fields (maybe non paid members can’t see it) :
    I didn’t have a time till now to check it out , but as soon as possible I can I will check it out and if I understood it well it should help us to display whatever we wish if group value is EMPTY.

    and as far as I know @slaffik have said that his plugin in future versions will work exactly as you’ve said (at least I wish it will work like that – you’ve perfectly described my wish how slaffik’s plugin should work.)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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