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adding links to header navigation

  • octapie


    I would like to add links to different categories in the navigation bar that includes forum, members, groups, etc. Can someone show me how?

    I am sure this is simple to everyone but myself.

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  • Roger Coathup


    You’ll need to create your own theme and modify the header.php file.

    Theme design needs PHP, HTML and CSS skills. If you’ve got those, you are flying!

    Check in support.. Documentation for the article on child themes.

    If you are not competent building your own theme and editing the php file, you might be able to find an off the shelf theme that automatically includes categories in the nav menu



    I am using twentyten child theme and have transferred all folders that buddypress uses for menu using BuddyPress Template Pack plugin and than use the menu to add buddypress menus using custom link. @keela I can show how if you can contact me.



    .You could also try my plugin (he says with shameless self-promoting grin).

    See this post for the latest beta version:
    Here are the user configuration options available in the admin panel under “Settings” > “BP-WP-Navbar”
    – Hide or display the main theme navigation
    – Hide or display the site name in your new adminbar
    – Hide or display the Login and Signup links in the adminbar
    – Hide or display the “Visit Random” menu
    – Select whether to display top-level WordPress pages horizontally or in a dropdown menu
    – Define the label for the dropdown in WordPress 2.x
    – If you’re running WP3.x, the plugin will fetch whatever custom menu labels you assign and display them in the admin bar along with all child pages in dropdowns
    – Define the label for the Buddypress directory dropdown (default = “Community”)
    – Define the font, font-weight and font-style for all menu items
    – Define ALL colors: navbar background, main and sub menu item backgrounds, border, text and hover colors too
    – Set the overall width of the navbar and of sub-menus
    – Set the height of all menu items
    – Adjust margins where required
    – Reposition your fancy new custom navbar anywhere you like, relative to your theme so it scrolls with your pages

    If you add categories to your custom menus in WP3.x, the plugin will pick them up and display them in whichever menus they are assigned to. Give it a whirl.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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