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Adding links/html to loops (ie, Forum, Members, etc)

  • James


    Hi, after a few weeks absence ive just completed a three week basic PHP course (hoping that I can attempt better explanations of tasks im trying to undertake with buddypress)… Ive been progressing really well with my intended editing for the past few days but ive now got stuck trying to add some further links to any pages that involves PHP loops (an area I clearly didn’t grasp very well in the course). What id like to do is mimic the kind of navigation tabs this exact site so when you click community under this there is a second nav bar with the groups/members links etc. These were in the header.php file and i simply removed the print link function to remove them from the top nav but instead i’d now like to embed them into the actual forum page and assume the simplest way to do this would be to input the slug at the top of the Forums page (or the URI link) but coming to edit the forumloop.php im not sure where (if anywhere) this can be added? Can a loop have a print/echo function!?!? (Apologies if this is an obvious or ridiculous question I have come from a static HTML background and am only just getting to grips with PHP)… Any help would be really appreciated! ;-)

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