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Adding partial match functionality to buddypress search

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    Hello everyone –

    I know there have been a couple of threads in the past about implementing a global or unified search – for which Brajesh from came up with an excellent solution. There are numerous plugins out there to enhance WordPress’ search – Relevanssi and such – but none of these plugins seem to extend to buddypress.

    So my question is, would it be possible to enable the buddypress search to query words in phrases separately – like connecting the terms with “OR” rather than “AND” ? For example, a search for “Cats Attacking Dogs” would return all results for cats, all results for dogs, all results for attacking – rather than the entire phrase. Hopefully I didn’t make that more convoluted than it need to be. Thanks in advance!

    UPDATE: After noodling around with a variety of plugins and trying to customize my own set up – Google Custom Search was far and away the easiest to deal with. Search-Engine by Scott Clark worked, but it was such a memory hog that it quickly exhausted the standard 64mb pretty quick. There was a tutorial put up here as a blog post a couple of years ago, but the links and such were all broken. Here’s a tut for those who want to explore this as way to replace the default buddypress search –

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