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Adding Profile Tabs

  • ryanwalden


    The most frustrating thing I’ve run into using BuddyPress is the inability to add custom tabs to the user’s profile without editing back-end code (which I am unable to do). The site I’m working on would have information for each user that would ideally be separated by different tabs, but unfortunately I have not found a way of doing this.

    What’s even more puzzling is that it allows you to add more “field groups” to the profile, but the new field groups do not get their own tabs, they merely get posted beneath the information in the previous field groups in the same tab.

    I have looked far and wide for a plugin to solve this. IF anyone is aware of a plugin that could solve my issue, please help. One plugin, the “BuddyPress Custom Profile Menu”, comes close to solving this issue, but for some reason they decided not to give the user the ability to edit the information in the new tabs. The new tabs are linked to a single static page that displays the same info on each user’s profile, making this plugin practically useless.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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