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Adding submenu to nav menus

  • Kitefr


    Hi everyone !

    I struggled some time with that so i’m finally asking for help ^^

    I want to modify the menu inside the members, groups etc… to add the submenu direclty within it !
    So basicaly to go to that :
    Version of the menu i got now

    To that :
    To that possibility !

    I currently copy the bp_get_displayed_user_nav() function into my theme’s functions.php but i don’t know if i’m doing in wrong…

    Wordpress version : 3.5.1
    Buddypress version : 1.7.2

    Thank you in advance ^^

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  • You currently can’t really do this, but you could look at re-factoring the markup to use the newish (added in 1.7) bp_nav_menu() which provides a true nested ul construct and in a similar fashion that WP handles menus.
    You can see an example test case I ran up using the function and re-factoring templates:

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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