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Adding title to activity stream in blog posts

  • Nirok


    Hi all, i’m trying to work out if theres a way to add the blog title and a link to the blog on the activity stream which is just above the body excerpt? currently the only way to find the full article is with a small link in the post information … I really need to make it more obvious where to click so people can find the full article…… or if theres a way to put “read more” just at the end of the excerpt. I have added this to the rest of my website excerpt however i’m assuming that buddypress uses its own excerpt …

    Thanks for any help

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  • ilokano


    looking for same solution here…

    Roger Coathup


    @nirok, @jasperespejo

    The activity content is written out by the function bp_activity_content_body() called from activity/entry.php in your bespoke BuddyPress theme.

    You could try implementing your own version of bp_activity_content_body(), and changing your entry.php to call the new function. Or you could try implementing a filter on bp_get_activity_content_body. Either way you’ll want them to output the link to the blog and blog title. Have a look at these in bp-activity-templatetags.php.

    I’m not sure quite how (you’ll have to dig in the activities_template structure), but you should be able to pull out the blog_id and query for blog link and title as well. Any core gurus got a pointer or two here?

    To make it a bit more efficient, and restrict it just to blog post activity updates, you can check whether the activity is a blog post in your loop in entry.php with:

    If (bp_get_activity_type() == ‘new_blog_post’) :

    Good luck… let me know how you get on.



    I’ve just come back to this… haven’t had a lot of luck with the blog title however I ended up adding a “more” button on the blog activity which i think should be enough for now….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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