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Adding True BP Functionality to Standard WP Theme?

  • I have searched here and on the Web for days and I do not have a truly definitive answer/how-to for this topic. If you go to my site you see the layout I want to use. It is a 3 column, widget-enabled WP Theme. I have it pretty much set up how I want it to appear (with the exception of some widgets that need added, etc). My issue is that I can not seem to figure out how to get the “Log-In” and “Register” functions to happen in the Right Sidebar, in the same visual format as the current widgets. Once this is in the Right Sidebar I want the Registration and login screen to be called to the main (center) area of the page.


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  • Burt Adsit


    I’m confused you don’t seem to have any buddypress components in use at all. If you visit the BuddyPress menu in the backend admin under ‘Site Admin’, you’ll see an option to turn on the admin bar: Show admin bar for logged out users: yes/no.

    Yes would turn it on and allow visitors the option to login or sign up. If you don’t have that turned on then how you log your users in is entirely up to you.

    This setting is turned on. Additionally in the “Options” Menu I have it set to “Enabled. Blogs and User Accounts can be created”

    Anyone have ideas? This is very confusing. Thanks!


    And I have the same problem. Anybody can help me?



    are all widgets you add to that column in the same format/style? or just the log in widget?



    Are you looking for something that shows login box on the sidebar? (which is completely not relevent to the topic title, but your post) If so, bp doesn’t offer that.

    David Lewis


    If you want to add a login to the sidebar and no widget exists… just hard code it in the templates. The code already exists in the admin bar… so it’s probably just a copy/paste.

    Burt Adsit


    blacklegtr, “And I have the same problem. Anybody can help me?”

    What exactly is the problem? This is a 4mo old thread that wasn’t understood in the first place and we don’t seem to be getting any clearer today.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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