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  • webture


    Under each member’s profile, a location will be added. We want to include all of the members locations on a map. We have 3 segments if members: destinations, suppliers and buyers. We want to segment these on the map perhaps by different colors.

    Along with the above, we would like to have a function that allows a member to select whether they are actively involved with another member (like the ‘follow’ button but saying something like ‘active client’ and then let that member have a list on their profile with all of their active clients.

    I also see that there is a functionality for emailers. We want to automate emails to members if they have not been active on the system for a week. Also if there are new members that join we want an mail to be sent to all members announcing a new member.

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  • shanebp


    BP Maps for Members will provide a good starting point for the first item.

    The other items you mention will require customization that goes well beyond the scope of these forums – iow. hiring an experienced BP developer.

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