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Admin account has been marked as a spammer

  • phiggins25


    Hello Team,

    I’d greatly appreciate support fixing this issue that has plagued my site for the last year and has caused me to abandon the hopes of finally finishing my work. In essence, my admin account is flagged as a spammer by BuddyPress across my entire multi-site network! I am not sure where it started, although I have a hunch it was caused by the plugin “Join My Multisite”. Either way, I have deactivated all plugins and created new sites on my network from scratch but as soon as I install BuddyPress the admin account will be marked as a spammer! This is a huge problem because my site uses BuddyBoss theme, which is powered by BuddyPress! I am in extreme need of assistance here! Please and thank you.

    Here is another thread with a user experiencing a similar issue:

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