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Admin Bar different in Member section when not logged in

  • adamwiththehair


    Hello all

    First off, fantastic app you guys are making here. Hope it goes places for you.

    Im using it here:

    I have only started the editing of it a few days ago, so thats why I am asking this now.

    When I am logged out, the homepage displays the login bar correctly (the way I want it always). But when I go to a member profile, without being logged in, the login bar goes crazy and fills the whole width of the width I have set in the CSS.

    I probably just cannot see what I have done wrong, but hopefully someone will enlighten me

    Many thanks


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  • Burt Adsit


    I think that your homepage display, whatever that is, is the abnormal one Adam. The admin bar is supposed to fit across the entire width of the display. That’s the normal behavior. You can modify this by creating a file in your home theme folder called site-wide.css

    That needs to live in a directory called /themes/<your theme directory>/css

    Within that file you can put any css you’d like to control the appearance of all bp components.

    Rich Spott


    I had this problem too when i attempted to adjust the buddypress-member theme.

    It’s caused by the base.css in the the buddypress-member theme calling

    input, select, textarea {
    width: 100%

    you can either adjust that in the base.css (not recommended)

    or you can place

    #wp-admin-bar input {
    width: auto;

    below the previous call in the base.css, that way it will call the 100% width for other inputs, except for the wp-admin-bar.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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