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Admin menus don’t expand/collapse

  • Hi! This is probably more of a bug report, and may not have a solution as yet. On top of that, it’s not really of earth-shaking importance…but I thought I’d look into it, anyway!

    I’ve got a pretty much out-of-the-box install of Buddypress running over top of WordPress 3.2-RC2. When I’m logged in to the Admin account, the admin menus in the Dashboard sidebar don’t expand/collapse. When I’m logged in as a “normal” user, the menus work like they’re supposed to. If I disable the Buddypress plugin, everything goes back to normal for the Admin account.

    I’ve tested in Chrome 14.0.803.0 dev, Safari 5.05, and Firefox 5.0. This might be too early to be worried about such a small thing, but has anyone else run into this behavior, or have an idea of something I could tweak to try to fix it?

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