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Admin page does not show up – I can’t enter into admin page

  • I’ve recently installed BuddyPress and since then I can’t enter into admin page. I’m logging in as usual by the meta file “Log in”, but then page refreshes, and there “Site management” link doesn’t appear. When I try to jump onto the page via web (i.e., the error message “You don’t have enough permission for this page” appears.
    My web site has WordPress 3.01 and phpMyAdmin Ver. and MySQL Ver. 5.0.77
    I would appreciate any help on this issue.


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  • Mohammed Salim


    I am having a similar issue
    I am running in XAMPP which has apache running on port 80

    After installing WP i copied BP to my plugins folder, i clicked on activate link in my plugin manage page
    My apache stops,

    Can anybody please share some thoughts

    I think its the issue with the port listening some BP features



    Same thing here!
    After I installed buddypress and activate the default theme I viewed the webpage and there is nbo where to login as admin. When I logged out, I couldn’t log in again as admin. What gives? Is anyone going to answer this question?



    Ok I think I might have a partial answer. Levent, using your model URL, I was able to get in to the admin section. You might possibly have typed yours in wrong. Looking in widgets I noticed that “Meta” was deactivated. I moved it over to the sidebar and now everything works fine. Hope this helps. Shame on you more knowledgeable members for not responding right away



    @salimmohd82: I was having the same issue as you described it, but I downloaded the last version of xampp and now Buddypress works and Apache stays running as expected. I was working with Xampp 1.6.0 but now I use 1.7.4.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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