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Admin selected profile directory

  • Matt Edminster


    I am using WP and BP to build an intranet for our organization and a social partners/supporters network. One of our needs is to present a directory of organization member bp profiles organized by role (directors, staff, personnel, interns). This means that the administrator needs to be able to choose certain profiles, assign an organization role and present only these in the directory.

    My approach has been to creat a ”directory” custom post type with pages for each person in the organization and a custom field defining their role in the organization. The idea is to link these directory pages with their accompanying BP profile perhaps using a custom field that pulls up a list of all bp profiles.

    Of course, I’d much prefer to assign a role directly to member’s buddypress profile but so far as I know, that’s not readily available at the moment. Or is it?

    Any other suggestions for how to go about this?

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