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adminbar.css is frustrating

  • Boris


    Does anybody else find adjusting adminbar.css very frustrating? It’s got to do with background colors being added to both the a and the li element. Plus the separate adminbar.css in the parent theme. Plus the way borders are being added.

    I ended up copying the parent bits to the child theme adminbar.css. Some of these styles are needed, but others were just awkward to work around in the child theme adminbar.css and were better off being deleted completely (in my case anyways).

    Then I targeted the top-level li elements with a bit of jqueryness for easier styling and changed all that li<->a background confusion to just the a elements.

    I also changed the border-bits to the ul element instead of the li ones.

    Anyway, rant over :)

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  • that’s not new… i think the adminbar need to be a widget… i’ve integrated it to my own navigation using an independant function to create the whole thing, and deactivating the bar the whole way.



    I don’t think it needs to be a widget. There’s enough hooks floating around that you can attach it to virtually anything worth attaching to. I’m just not happy bout the CSS to go with it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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