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adminbar.css not loading

  • abutterworth


    Hi all – i just copied my custom WP 3.2.1 to a subdomain on my site to try and do a custom buddypress integration. First I installed Cube Points; then Buddypress; then Buddypress Template Pack.

    For some reason the adminbar.css file is not loading. So I just went and added it into my header file manually. But it leaves my WP admin in a state because it just spews all of the HTML out at the bottom of every page unstyled. I would rather have it functioning properly but don’t know where the reference is supposed to come from – i believe it should show up where my wp_head() is called but it doesn’t.

    Any help appreciated.

    can see where i inserted “ manually at but not sure if that will tell you anything.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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