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Advanced profile search

  • thebigk



    I’m using buddypress to setup my college alumni network. Our college requires a detailed search on profile. For example –

    Profile has following fields: Name, Branch, Year, Graduation Percentage etc.

    I want to be able to search for [Name+Branch] or [Name+Year+Graduation Percentage] etc. Ideally I’d love to have a search engine that offers checkboxes for each field and a detailed report to be generated on the search results.

    I hope I’m clear in stating my question. Is there a search engine available? If not, how to go about creating a plugin {can anyone do it? I bet it will be very useful!}.

    Looking forward to your responses!

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  • JJJ


    Unfortunately not yet, but I suspect this will be something that someone will come around and make, if not to be introduced into the core later on.

    Currently the search is global, searching all fields for one particular phrase. This could probably pretty easily be filtered and narrowed down via a plugin, but currently none exists.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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